Silicone Collapsible Water Bottle

Child Silicone Collapsible Sports Water Bottle 320mL BPA Free FDA Certificated Reusable Foldable Leakproof Students Cup (Misc.)

This silicone water bottle is like no other… It’s 320 ml, BPA Free, made of non toxic silicone and above all…. It’s collapsible and rolls up for easy storage..

After having it rolled up it will go back to it’s original shape…

It’s nice that it has a clip on it so it can hang anywhere…belts, backpacks, purses, and diaper bags just to name a few. It is small and compact as well.

Another nice thing about this is that once it is filled it won’t spill or leak… However you do have to be careful not to squeeze it to hard since it is made of silicone…

I personally wouldn’t fill it up with boiling hot water as you can feel it through the silicone even though the silicone is thick it can still harm you…

I would recommend this product as it Is easy to manage….



I was a medical assistant for 8 years until i decided to be a stay at home mom... Now I am a Stay at home mom to 3 kids 2 of which are Special Needs.. Which is a job in itself... I now am a Reviwer. I enjoy testing new products and leaving reviews. No Product is to small or to big... I look forward in reviewing your products and working with your company.

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