Telescoping Marshmallow Sticks

These telescoping marshmallow sticks are pretty nifty.. Especially for little ones.  But can be used by 3 year’s and older.

They can stretch from 3″-25″.

I like it as my little one likes to check on her marshmallows.. Now she can at a safe distance. 

Love how they are color coded so each individual has their own color. If the handle comes apart or loose it even screws in with a Phillips to tighten it up.

They have these red tips on them so be careful.. I would take them off to roast.

They come in a nice black travel bag and plastic sleeves for the wooden sticks.

If you like to roast marshmallows as much as we do.. Inside or outside…Than these are for you. 

I recommend this product.



I was a medical assistant for 8 years until i decided to be a stay at home mom... Now I am a Stay at home mom to 3 kids 2 of which are Special Needs.. Which is a job in itself... I now am a Reviwer. I enjoy testing new products and leaving reviews. No Product is to small or to big... I look forward in reviewing your products and working with your company.

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