Ok..if you have kid’s you can relate… My 2 an a half year old dumped eggs all over the chair yesterday..

The day before she got into a brand new bag of flour.. That evening she got paint all over her and my bed..

Now this evening… She took her diaper off and smeared crap all over my carpet, her blankets and my walls.. My 7 year old then stepped on it.. Really.Sigh.. What else will she do? Anyone going through something similar?


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I’m hoping to start a new blog for a few reasons…

I have some Amazon Reviews to post and would like feedback of what people think

I’m with Special Olympics and we are always looking for athletes and coaches in the Everett,Wa area

And last I have my own Janitorial business that I run with my husband and if you need good cleaning done we are here.. Check out the website at We are licensed*bonded*Insured


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